img_4442I’m 22 years old, a wife and a mommy to a beautiful baby boy. I guess I’m still trying to figure out who I am, and I think that’s what my blogs are about, figuring myself out.  I can be very passionate about things but later loose complete interest…maybe it’s just part of growing up, but I do go through a lot of phases.

img_4970A few things about me that are pretty consistent are: I’m an introvert, I love nature, I’m pretty crunchy, I natural parent, my son is unvax and intact, I cloth diaper, babywear, breastfeed, and eat as organically as we can afford.

I love to dress up, but I love to get dirty in the garden or out on the trails. Although I haven’t done much of that since before I was pregnant.

I have a background in early childhood education, and plan on home (un)schooling.

I was born and raised in southern Ontario Canada, and moved to Atlanta Georgia to get married.

I haven’t found where I am supposed to be yet, but as long as I have my boys I’m sure I’ll find it someday.

Life is an adventure but lately mine has been repeatitive and dull, which just isn’t me, so I said ENOUGH! and now we are making plans as a family to change that, for my happiness, for the wellbeing of our family, and so that my son will have a variety of experiences while he’s young.

What are your thoughts?

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