img_6617We adopted a poor little “Gremlin” (-Jules said) last night; The poor thing had gotten caught outside in the flash flooding Tuesday night, and was all matted up and covered in fleas, crying. The owners didn’t even give the poor thing a towel in its crate😢which was dirty too. After a flea bath that was very traumatic for the both of us, he hid in the back of the crate in his towel. I gave him some wet food and water and left him in his crate for the night in the garage.

In the morning he seemed to be doing much better, we didn’t hear him cry during the night once. He had eaten all the treats and half the wet food. I attempted to get him to go in the litter box but he just became skittish again and curious, not understanding. He is now moving about the crate not just shaking in the corner. He let me pet him, exposing his neck/chest for a good scratch, but started crying again and moving around the crate when I closed it back up. For a few minutes he continued to cry obviously wanting some attention and to get out of the crate; but we need to bathe him one more time before we can bring in into the house. He seemed to quiet down with the lights off and the garage quiet again. I was worried about him last night, so scared and hurt, not wanting to be touched despite my attempts to reassure him, wondering if he’ll warm up to us being so young still, not having previous experience with humans. But seeing him in better spirits this morning was very reassuring.

19251093_10155578504147268_1796725061_nI’m hoping to transition him over the weekend after another good bath, a nail trim and quiet night in the garage. Our plan is to let him have free range in the bedroom during the day with nights in the crate, until he adjusts then taking the doors off and eventually removing the crate once he’s a bit bigger and won’t get lost once we open up the hall/bath/closet area to him. It’ll be a number of weeks before we introduce him to the kitchen/living room letting him and the dogs have alternating time in the main part of the house. We’re not 100% sure on the sex or age the owner said around 8 weeks, so it could be more or less, really hard to tell especially since he’s still skittish, and I’m pretty sure it’s a boy, I did a quick check but he was squirming a lot.

We would love to hear any of your trips/tricks for kitten care, things to look out for etc.

Note: disregard the pine pellet litter mixed in his bedding, he kicked it out of the litter box tray I had put in and was just laying in. I don’t want him to learn to lay in the pine as bedding since we are using it as an eco friendly litter.

Once he’s comfortable and transitioned into the house we will officially introduce him.



What are your thoughts?

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