Poulet Au Porto

Roast Chicken Steeped with Port Wine, Cream, and Mushrooms

How to Master the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child p.245

If your looking for a dish to impress, that is both beautiful, delicious, and easy, well look no further. This recipe is simple, in-expensive and oh so good. The 5lb whole chicken cost me about 4.50, the shallots, and green onions were a dollar, and the mushrooms about the same. I used up some remaining red wine from the previous weeks recipes, as I had a hell of a time finding a Port. So for $6-12 its not an expensive dish to make and can be paired with any number of vegetables or other sides to suit. My 5lb chicken fed three adults and a toddler with half or more of the chicken left, which means it could have potentially fed at least six adults and probably an additional child or two.


This was only the second roasted chicken I have ever made, so since the recipe had some leeway in the roasting directions, I made it the way I did before. What I did was coat, well really massage about half a stick of butter all over the chicken, and then sprinkle it with herbs de providence. (Use your favorite spices) Once it had cooked at 325*F for an hour, I poured about a 1/4c of the wine over the top, and turned up the temperature to 400*F. Once it started to juice, I used a ladle to baste the chicken as I don’t have a bulb baster. (Remember poultry takes 30minutes/lb to cook; hence I had to start the chicken at 2:00 for it to be done by 4:30) For the last 10 minutes turn on the broiler to let the skin brown. [I LOVE crispy chicken skin]


The sauce was actually really easy and quick to make, although since I use a toaster oven and not a full size oven I finished it stove top instead of in the roasting pan. I also skipped the Flambé Cognac both out of convenience, and the fact that we drank all the brandy and I didn’t have a chance to pick up more… not to mention that the idea of turning my face away as I light liquor over a chicken, kind of scares me. Maybe another time. I semi-carved the chicken into slices and poured the mushroom sauce on top allowing the chicken to soak in the sauce for a few minutes before serving. It was beautifully moist and the sauce was a nice creamy compliment of flavors; which also paired nicely with the wild rice pilaf I made as a side.

Let me know how it turns out for you, and if you do the cognac, let me know if its as scary as I suspect it to be.



Image Sources:
Roast Chicken: Taken myself (iPhone) [Actually took that one to brag to my hub]
Roast Chicken in sauce: Taken Myself (Canon 5D Mark II)
Recipe: Screen shots from PDF -> mediafire.com/file/hble408se6g4rxe/Mastering+the+Art+of+French+Cooking+-+Julia+Child.pdf


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