Oeufs Poches a la fromage

Poached Eggs with Cheese Fondue Sauce

I was honestly worried about botching these for dinner, but when reading the recipe ahead in the morning, I was relieved to find they could be made ahead of time and refrigerated.  This meant if I screwed up I would have at least 4-6 hours to either get it right or scrape together an alternative dish for dinner.


They are actually much easier to make than anticipated. I have made poached eggs before but usually only one, two at most, so making 6 perfect poached eggs was slightly daunting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank god Julia Child wrote the book the way she did because the smallest of details make such a difference when attempting to cook something completely new, or cooking something via a new method.

PoachedEgg1In the book she says to make 4 at a time, but honestly, I found you can better control and keep track of two at a time much better, although it will take you double the time. But 4-8 minutes, big deal. Even if your pressed for time… which you don’t have to be as YOU CAN MAKE THEM AHEAD! YAY! The first two-four will cook slower because the water is still regulating, (See picture) so you can allow it to simmer for a few extra minutes before cooking, or boil the water and drop it to a simmer for a minute before adding the eggs.

When you spoon over the whites, it should create what most will refer to as a “purse” as it will resemble a coin purse. Not to be crass, but personally mine looked more like…well you’ll see below… Directions say that they should take about 4 minutes and whites should be firm but yolks should be soft, Mine took about six, before they were cooked enough to be set in the cold water. They should be opaque and soft yet firm, much like…. well to be honest a testicle. Maybe have the closest male cook the eggs… it doesn’t help that my husband refers to them as huevos to begin with. Once cooled, trim any ‘tails’ etc. off the edges. If made ahead, set them in boiling water for a few minutes to heat thoroughly before serving, being cautious not to let the yolk to cook.

I have a hell of a time with sauces, I can not figure out what it is. It wasn’t much different this time with the cheese sauce, although I did follow the recipe, with the exception of whole milk instead of cream. (I accidently made it into whipped cream the previous night thinking I wouldn’t have a chance to use it up before it expired.) Luckily it didn’t curdle which is what happens to me at least every other time I try to make a cheese sauce. I think it needed to boil and thicken more; Or maybe because I used milk it was too watery compared to the fat in the cream which would have thickened the sauce. Anyone have any guidance? or tips? I’m sure I would fail as a saucier.

I’m not sure this is one I would make again, perhaps one or two for myself; but not as a family dinner. My husband isn’t a big egg fan to begin with, let alone when the yolks are runny.

Why can’t you tease egg whites?
They can’t take a yolk.

ha-ha-ha enjoy!



Images: all photos were taken and edited by myself




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