Family Meals pt.2

My trial week started Sunday, and the first meal up was a gruyere cheese and asparagus tart and an egg, tomato, ham, cheese tart. I also added a baked brie and fresh French baguette with sun-dried tomato pesto, that we had found at the DeKalb World Market. Both recipes are actually pretty quick and simple to throw the two together; But, since I’m working with a toaster oven instead of a full sized oven it took about an hour and a half to cook 3 trays of pastries for four (and a half) people. Everyone loved it, and my hubby was impressed although he only tasted the Brie because he was full. (and, here I was worried that it would be too light to fill everyone up.)

Monday’s meal took me by surprise. I was honestly worried that the olives were going to overpower the dish but, man was I wrong. It was so amazing, I will definely be added to  the repeat dish list.

Tuesday was supposed to be fillet mignon in a red wine mushroom reduction, but I could not find filet mignon cuts to save my life and by the time I did they were at a specialty shop and $30 a lb! So I just made the dish with a different cut, which no one seemed to mind. the sauce was smooth and just seemed to melt, it was a beautiful creamy, buttery, savory dish.

IMG_7176Wednesday was supposed to be another chicken dish, but my husband requested a change as he is (unfoundedly) “off chicken”. So I replaced it with a breakfast sandwich I had tried at a local French bakery; and I’m sorry but I have to say, after making this beautiful dish I am appalled at what they served in comparison, AT A FRENCH BAKERY!
Their version consisted of two pieces of toasted white bread, two small pieces of ham and a thin line of the Béchamel sauce along the edge of the crust. Pitiful.

Thursday we had one of my favorite dishes, and although its not as good as my mothers, it was still just as tasty and I ate it for breakfast for the next couple of days. Coquille St.Jacques.

Friday, was a roast beef dip sandwich often referred to as “French Dips” or Trempette de boeuf. It was fairly good and its understandable why you dip this sandwich as the broiling process dries out the bread. Another one we will probably add to the rotation.

Saturday we scratched what was on the menu in lieu of Costco pizza, as we all had been running errands all day long. But I plan on making it for Sunday lunch or perhaps for lunch next weekend.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself this week; and my in-laws got to try a variety of new foods.

For the recipes please see previous post. HERE


I also made gateau a l’orange et aux amandes from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” By Julia Child. AMAZING sponge cake and heavenly butter cream, I mean I couldn’t stop eating it out of the bowl, it was THAT good. You can get a free pdf copy of the book HERE.




Happy Eating.



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