02.06.2017 “The place you currently call home.”

Well, this for me is kind of another two sided prompt or open to interpretation. Does this place mean the country, or does it mean my house, or my community, or does home always remain where you were from?

Canada will always be home; Whenever I refer to Canada I never say “Canada” I say “Home.” “I want to go back home.” “Back home we…;” “My family/friends back home…” that’s where home is.

But currently I am living, state side, with my husband and his family in Georgia. This has been my “home” for 2.5 years now but it doesn’t really feel like “home.” We have no local friends or family and we don’t feel particularly close to any of the local congregations we have been apart of since I’ve been here. It seems as if were are an extra piece to a puzzle that just doesn’t fit in. Which kind of makes me think of my previous essay “Nomadic“. But for now, this is home, until we figure out where we fit in.

But home is and always will be where my boys are, and as long as I have them with me, It is home.


What is/Where isΒ home to you?




What are your thoughts?

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