02.02.17- “Something that’s been making you laugh lately.”

My Son, Caspian. He’s 19 months (Year and 7 Months) and everything he does right now is hilarious. Its mostly because he is entering the stage where he mimics our actions and words, or at least tries to. Things like “uh-oh”, “Hot”  (awwh) “Big Mess” (usually just the gesture I do of my arms and mouth wide open); its mostly the faces and gestures that he makes that are the funniest. It is definitely a fun age where he copies us. But, he is also copying some not so good behaviors/ actions like kicking (often the dogs) or chasing them with the vacuum, spitting (out of context b/c we taught him to spit when brushing his teeth but he doesn’t understand its only for when we brush teeth) and he’s recently started picking up toys making gun sounds because his father and uncle have been playing inappropriate games in the house after I have repeatedly asked them NOT to play around my son. But I digress… It is also funny when he copies the dancing from his cartoons, at the end of the episode, its very cute. He is so observant and sees things you don’t think he’s does, like when my husband does something, (see above bad behaviors- but in fairness, some are out of context because he’s playing, and the baby doesn’t understand that, he only sees the action or what he thinks the action is) He is learning everyday yet some how no mater how many times I get him to work on a word, or action, or sign, nothing… his dad or papa walk in the door, say or do something and he instantly copies it.

Fun Video of my Bean Today

Whats been making you laugh?




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