02.01.2017″ Something you are stressing about”

To be honest, I have been managing my stressors extremely well; after shifting my thoughts/perspective a lot of the things that were stressing me out, don’t seem to be bothering me as much. For example, various things around the house, not being able to move (after two years of looking), not being able to find a house or even a location we like. Even Jules and hisΒ job predicament, isn’t bothering me much these daysΒ because I realized that I cant change those things to-day. These things take time, and letting these issues/problems/inconveniences, cause me unnecessary stress is counter-productive to what I would like to be accomplishing.

Everything will happen in due time, when its meant to happen, and rushing to get there, wont really make it happen any faster; Which sounds confusing but its not a linear concept. All kinds of other factors need to happen/be taken into account, and come together synergistically… kind of like a “stars aligning”, Its just not time yet. The only thing that is irritating right now, not so much stressful, is waiting on W2’s and Health Insurance forms so we can file our taxes and Jules can start on his passion project. I want this so much for him, I see how excited, yet discouraged, he is… but, he’s kind of an all or nothing type of guy, and no matter how much I try and encourage him to work with what he has, that doesn’t work for him.

I’m actually quite amazed about what a simple shift in perspective can really change your overall feelings and thoughts towards something, or reduce the stress. I’m not stress free, I don’t think that’s even humanly possible, but I have found a way to manage and reduce my stress which is much more important.

What are you stressed about? Do you have ways to cope with or reduce stress?







What are your thoughts?

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