01.30.17 “Best thing this past week”

Well, its been a busy one that’s for sure, so busy in fact that I’m behind in my writing by about 2-3 days now. phew…well best thing this past week is that we updated the living-room, as well as touching up the kitchen and halls. It was such a dramatic change. There was a bit of protest from my father-in-law who is the family pack-rat (aka. hoarder) My husband kind of randomly suggested we re-paint the living room, which turned into a full on de-junking, and even upgrading of furniture.

We changed it over the course of about 4-5 days, and it was exhausting. First thing we did was go through books, movies, Knick-knacks and various collected junk. (Which is where there was some protesting.)  I had to hide the box for donation and run it into the car while my in-laws were out of the house. There are still several boxes of stuff he refuses to let us get rid of, but that’s on him, not me. It adds no value to my life, and as long as I don’t have to see it daily, they can do with it what they please. After that lengthy process, we had to choose a paint, we decided with Glidden Dovetail Grey, it looked like a light brown- greige but it turned out a little more purple toned than brown. Either way, its a much nicer color than the yellow that was covering the entire house for the past (three) seven years they’ve lived here. With just the paint it was better, but there was still the nasty old, make-shift TV stand. So, after going to my favorite place, Ikea, we came home with a basic Kallax cubby shelf unit and two doors. For being simple, Ikea furniture is such a… ** to put together, I really don’t understand how that works. I made Jule sit on the couch while I put it together, after trying to put our TV stand together, he’s no longer allowed to ‘help’ unless I ask; Even putting this one together, he cracked some of the dowels trying to help. With a bit more re-arranging, decluttering, and plant shopping the living room was finished. The transformation was AMAZING, and so fun to do.




Dah, Dah, Dah…


BIG difference, eh?!

God, I love minimalism. This space is so much more tranquil, serene, and so much less anxiety inducing. LESS IS MORE.

I have to get two more doors and knobs for the bottom middle cubbies, and a tree stump or two to make a side table in lieu of my coffee table. Cas gets to keep a few books along side a few of my own in the left top cubby and the internet modem is hidden away on the right. His Wooden cars and his b/w pillow car mat are tucked away in cute chevron metal waste baskets I found in the dollar section of target post Christmas. I also pull out his tent during the day and place it by the window for him since he likes to “hide” behind the comfy chair, which isn’t all that safe.

We also painted the kitchen after much deliberation to leave it yellow, to a sea-foamy sage green called soft meadow, which looks great along side the Dovetail Grey on the shared wall. The kitchen isn’t as impressive as the living room, and still needs some organizational work, but it still made quite a difference in the over all feel of the room.

All in all, this was a fun project, and a remarkable transformation, and I am so happy to enjoy this space now, and I’m super stoked to be able to share it with my sister and her family who will be visiting us (for the first time ever) next week. Maybe it will incline my husband to entertain more, now that the space is so nice. I’ll cook if you bring the wine ;).

How was your last week? any big changes?


*Pictures are my own, Links to inspiration and items/colors we used*



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