26.01.2017 ” A skill I want to learn”

5fa4ad4183afd227809935cc805b3ab6I would really like to learn how to hand letter. Hand lettering looks so beautiful and fun, but I really don’t have a practical application for it in my life. There are lots of online tutorials and books you can get to learn various fonts. My favorite hand letterer (if that’s a word) is fellow blogging mom SweeterSideMom, her pieces are just so elegant and fun. I wish I could go spend some time with her and have her be my hand lettering guru. I really look up to her, in so many ways, her life just seems so well curated.

Some other skills, I would like to learn/master are: yoga, paddling/kayaking longer distances, rock climbing, vegan/ plant based cooking (its a big learning processes), patience. I would like to be able to actually converse in Spanish, not just listen and respond in English… I blame my husband for this one though, as he Spanglish’s a lot and teaches me some… lets say inappropriate words, not fit for daily conversation. I would like to learn some more ASL (American Sign Language) both for myself and Caspian as that’s on of his main ways of communicating as a toddler.

7efa27f05e755343965fd98c9b0639e3Lastly, the skill I really want to learn/work on/master is mindfulness. I am currently working my way though a book called “Mindfulness” a practical guide by Tessa Watt. I’m not very far in the books exercises, I have been working on chapter five for a number of months, which is mindfulness of breath. The author does explain in the intro that its better to stay on one exercise and master it before moving on to the next one. The exercises in this chapter have helped with both my yoga/ daily walks, and in my everyday activity, taking time to slow down, be aware of something physical that you do without thinking. I think that what has also helped me in being more aware/mindful in my everyday is transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle. Getting rid of external clutters, and time wasters has really helped me be more present and aware of things I think, do, and say.

What is a skill you want to learn or master?


*Photos are sourced from Pinterest



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