01.25.2017 “Something I can do today to get closer to where I want to be in life.”

what a loaded question!; and I mean it can be interpreted so many ways, and life is so multi-faceted, what part of my life? But, I digress, reflecting back to my three things that I want out of life; Which were, Experiences, Positive Energy and Creativity. So the question then would be, how can I have experiences/adventure now? How can I surround myself with positive energy now? and, last but certainly far from the least, how can I be creative now? These are much easier to answer, and a lot less heavy handed.


How can I have rich experiences/adventures now? Well, I can have experiences, and adventures by being more open minded, seeking it out, and not finding some half-assed excuse to avoid just doing it. I may not be able to travel half-way around the world right now, or buy the bus I want and trip it out; But, I can explore and travel close to home. There are numerous places within Atlanta we still haven’t checked out, half I didn’t even know about until I stumbled upon it on Pinterest. There are a number of state and local parks with trails we haven’t done yet either, especially the Chattahoochee trails. Alabama is only about four hours west, the coast is about 4-6 hours west, Tennessee is only 2 hours north, South and North Carolina are about 4 hours as well. These are all practical, and fairly in-expensive places to travel and explore close to home. Not to mention that rock climbing gym is only about 20 minutes away and it costs about $20 for the day, including gear!

img_4599How can I surround myself with positive energy now? I can do this by speaking kindly to myself and to others, avoiding negative thought and speech is a great first step. Making the most out of today, and being happy in the present, and practicing mindfulness, will help me develop a more positive outlook on my current situation. Additionally, I can cut negative ties/burn bridges to people who cause me stress, anxiety, do not share the same values, or are just a ball of negativity. This one is a little tough as it is an internal struggle first, and outside influences second.

img_4598How can I be creative now? I can be creative in my every day, by working on my daily writing prompts, reading, and practicing various art skills with my numerous ongoing projects. Jules also randomly decided to upgrade the living room, after, well three years of me living here, but they have been here for about seven. I honestly love decorating, if I had time to go and re-do other peoples houses just for the hell of it, I probably would. I love the way our bedroom has evolved over the time I have been in this house, and I am beyond pleased with the update to our office/playroom. It may not be perfect in the sense its still cluttered with ‘things’ I do not love, but I am making due with what I have until our circumstances allow me to change them. (Hey, see, positive thoughts for where I am and what I have now, I can do this!)

Like my previous post about physical challenges I would like to ‘master’; You can not get to where you want to be unless you do something each day. The beginning of each journey beings with a step, and then another, and another… and well you get it, many, many steps to reach the end goal or summit or what-have-you.



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