24.01.2017 “A Physical Challenge I want to take on is…”

Off the top of my head there are two “physical” challenges I would like to master. One being a yoga move like Pincha Mayusana (feathered peacock.) Which is basically a hand stand using your fore arms. This pose takes a considerable amount of skill and strength, in both your arms and your core. I haven’t even begun to attempt the transitions for this pose; Mainly because I have an inexplicable injury to my right wrist, that I want to heal before adding any extra stress to it or the rest of my arm. The one position I am currently trying to master is the forward bend or Uttanasana. This is an easier pose, that allows me to work on stretching the various components of my legs, and avoid overworking my wrist.


My second physical challenge, that I want to take on is rock climbing. I have been wanting to start this for a long time now. Probably since the first time I tried it at an indoor gym in Truckee California when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Not to mention the various climbing movies I have seen over the years or climbing gyms I have wandered into just to check out. (Like the one in Chattanooga Tennessee, which has an indoor/outdoor wall that has been designed out of plexi glass on the facade of the building.HIGHPOINT)

High Point Climbing Gym, Chattanooga Tennessee


I mean how awesome does that look!?

Rock climbing, though is very physically demanding and requires you to like the above Pincha Mayusana, use a lot of core and upper body strength. We have a couple gyms that are fairly local to us and have very affordable day rates. I am hoping that I can convince Jules to take this up with me so we can do it as a date night, play and have fun wa6d5889d77df7f96c284517f88bac9bfith it, opposed to just going to the classes and “training.” I find no enjoyment when something is learned that way, kind of like my paddle board, id rather go out, fall down 100 times and have fun with it then to join any number of paddle board workout groups that seem to be popping up. I hope that perhaps eventually, I/We can take Caspian and have him learn either free hand or harnessed, as it has such great developmental and physiological impacts being able to do such a demanding activity. (Here is a link I found that outlines some of the basic benefits for children learning to/ allowing children to climb. HERE and another HERE  on therapeutic benefits)

I’m not sure If I would get super into climbing, so much as to collect the gear and go climb an actual mountain face. As much as I admire those who do… I have a general fear of falling to my death and smashing my head open on a rock like a melon. Sorry to be graphic, but its a pretty logical and common fear. I may be too adventurous for my own good, but there are just so many cool, fun things to try, and experience, that allow you to engage with nature in such an intimate way.

What about you, what physical challenge do you want to take on?


*Photos found via Pinterest or linked website


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  1. […] So I did it! I finally went and tried ‘real’ rock climbing, harness and all. My reasons for wanting to learn to rock climb were not totally personal, though. I had seen several videos and pictures of toddlers climbing up these walls like pros and later had read a few articles about the numerous benefits that rock climbing has on young children. (previous post with links) […]


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