23.01.2017 – “Top 5 Travel Goals”

I was so excited for this prompt, I talked about it all Sunday with Julian. I’m not sure if you have caught on, but I have a serious case of wanderlust. For those of you unfamiliar with the term:

wan·der·lust – German
noun: wanderlust
  1. a strong desire to travel.
    “a man consumed by wanderlust”

pretty straight forward, or to better put it; the lust to wander, or lust for adventure, the yearning for… doesn’t that sound just so sexy?. Okay so here are my “Top 5 travel goals”

  1. Swim in a natural hot spring
  2. Hike part of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) [BTW, “Wild” is an amazing movie]
  3. Travel though the Mounties (Rocky Mountain Range- I’m Canadian I’m sorry)
  4. Visit ruins of ancient civilizations
  5. Live in a warm country for a month

You see, I cant just make a list of five places I want to go to; That’s so limiting, there are way more than five places or things I want to  do/see. There are at least 18 or more hot springs in the United States alone! Most of them are on the west coast due to it being a fault line, and well obviously the Rocky Mountain Range.

The PCT runs all the way from Mexico up though California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada. Ideally, if I had/could only pick one section, I would probably pick something that overlaps two states, like California-Oregon, or Oregon-Washington. Whichever has the most forest, it is so lush and I can only imagine the beauty of hiking through such gigantic beasts. I like to think about the scene in “Wild” where Cheryl (played by  Reese Witherspoon) is walking through the forest in the rain, dripping wet, but the trees, ferns, everything is so vibrant.

Same idea goes for the Rocky mountains, it spans several states, and provinces, I could never just pick one area to visit. I want to drive through them, bottom to the top, (South- North not actually vertically, although I would love to do several hikes throughout them as well.)

Ancient Civilizations, man, If I could tell you all about my high school ancient civs teacher, and his stories… I loved that man, he was probably one of the BEST teacher I ever had. The way he would tell of his travels to these places, and teach the information,  you just absorbed it, and you felt like you had gone along with him. Both my husband and I overlap on this one a bit with the Inca Ruins/lines. I also am dying to see the ruins of Rome, Pompeii, and perhaps the Mayan ruins. There are just so many amazing pieces of history, how could I choose just one?

The last one on my list seems self explanatory, I mean who wouldn’t love to live in a warm Asian, Caribbean, Central or South American Country for a little while. This is probably what I envy most of my Cousin who has travelled extensively, or my uncle who built a house in Costa Rica and spends a few months out of the year there. How dreamy is that? yeah sure big bugs, and dangerous people and sickness… but the views, food, and weather, come on! Right now, I have my sights set on Bali, Indonesia, and I have heard great things, especially about it being family friendly, so that’s most definitely a bonus.

For an alternative perspective on travel, here are Julian’s. The first time I asked he just listed of 5 places, but after a bit of protest, and pleading on my part to think outside of the box this was his answer.

  1. Try authentic food from other cultures
  2. Experience Reverse Seasons (Southern Hemisphere- Argentina or Australia)
  3. Alaska Cruise to Photograph Ice (He’s so hung up on Alaska)
  4. Norway to stay in the glass Igloo and see the Northern Lights. (Yet another one he’s always on about)

The first one I found amusing because he hates to try new things, hates pad Thai, Chinese or any “Americanized cultural food.” I think this stems from his Mexican heritage and hating TexMex. He really wants to go to Alaska, I think its really only for the huskies, but I suggested a cruise might be better as Alaska is very hard to get to certain areas depending on the time of year, and everything is super expensive since it has to be shipped a great distance. (Not very ethical) Northern Lights, are probably really his number one, he’s fascinated by them, he even set my desktop background to a picture of it.

What about you? What are your top five travel goals? are they just places or experiences?








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