01-22-2017 “The best gift I have received is…”

Well, I have not received many “gifts” in my life, as I do not celebrate birthdays or various holidays. But, that being said, the few gifts I have been given over the years I cherished dearly. Like for example, the play kitchen my family bought for me when I was about five years old; Or the Crayola studio set my aunt gave me one winter break. I have been given a few other family trinkets like, an original polaroid photo of my grandpa (which has gone missing, I suspect my mother took it,) and a few sets of gloves that once belonged to my dearly departed great grandmother, (which my sister likes to fight me for.)

One of the best gifts my mother has given me, other than life, a love for all things natural, and holistic nutrition, was a bundle of wool socks. Seriously, socks are the best gifts…well, for me anyway. Strangely enough, I’m very particular about when I like to wear socks, as I’m very pro-barefoot, even with deathly cold feet. As for my father, the best thing I think he’s given me is the knowledge/skill to use tools. I am the handy one between my husband and I… I mean you’d probably laugh your A** off watching him try to use a screwdriver or hammer.

My husband… well, he has never bought me a gift, EVER. Which is sometimes upsetting, especially when friends post numerous pictures of things their husbands have brought home for them. But as I try not to be envious of others, I remember that gifts/ presents are not always physical things. Just because he doesn’t buy me something, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me, or isn’t thinking about me during the day. Their is a saying, that the best present is your presence. Although this quote is often used when speaking about spoiling your child with things to make up for your lack of being physically present in their lives, the fundamental idea holds true. Its better to be with the ones you love, then to be given numerous physical things to try and fill the void they leave behind. No amount of ‘things’ can make up for someone not being there for you. Although, I do have  love-hate relationship with my husband being home for long period’s of time. But, never the less, my husband has given me the two most greatest things a person could ever give. He has given me his life, and he has given me our son; these aren’t things, but they are the biggest, most beautiful gifts a person could give/receive.

I don’t really have much more to say on the subject of gifts, but I would like to suggest another podcast on the topic of gift giving. LISTEN HERE.




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