21.01.2017 – “5 Years from now, I want to be…”

Happy, Healthy, and debt free!

Simple and a bit vague perhaps, but those things matter. I’m usually the one really big on making 5-year plans, organizing, planning. But, I don’t want to think or live like that, it’s not that I don’t have what some may call “goals” or “aspirations” I do, maybe not in the traditional definition (anymore.) My success, or happiness, is not dependent upon reaching a set goal at a specific time. Being debt free is the only one above you could really call a “goal”, but I feel it’s more of an outcome or lifestyle shift than a goal.

Now, If I were to tweak the question, and say; “During the next five years I want to…” This is how I would answer. I want to spend the next five years, traveling. Whether it is day trips, In-state, out of state, domestic, or international, I do not care. I want to have new experiences, try new things, meet new people. I want to spend the next five years, learning more, and teaching less. Wait… aren’t you homeschooling?… Hows that going to work? Yes, I am, BUT, no one said I have to be the teacher, or my son the student, we both share the roles interchangeably. I want to spend the next five years, sharing our adventures, experiences, and unique teaching moments with others. I want to create. I am not very traditional by really any sense of the word, or I should say, by what traditional has become. Because if you think about it, everyone used to be crafters or artisans, farmers, gypsies or nomads etc. at one point in time, that’s just how things were. People lived off the land, traveled, shared, bargained…people really lived.

I want to spend the next five, ten, twenty plus years, creating a life rich, and full of experiences.

While reading “Eat, Pray, Love” I abruptly got stopped in the middle of a paragraph where the protagonist is talking about a poet/philosopher named Rumi. She goes on to talk about how he would have his students write down the three things they most wanted in life. Point being these things should be in alignment with each other, as it goes on… But, I stopped me from reading on. I was curious. What three things do “I” want most in life? Well, I know full well whatever they are, it’s not “things,” not physical things.  Still thinking about this, I asked my husband, although I pretty much knew what his, were going to be. His three were, Money, Stability, and Succes. These three can be highly subjective terms, so I had him explain further, what these meant. Money to him means assurance, Stability means knowing all expenses are taken care of and having disposable income, and Success, to him means making money doing something you love. Obviously Money/Stability, really mean the same thing to him here. These aren’t my three, though because, I’m not the “breadwinner” in our family, so he is right to feel that stability/ money and success are important in keeping his family safe and fed. My definition for  Money, means having physical needs met, Stability to me is having a solid marriage and family, and success to me is raising a well-rounded child who is able to develop his interests in a way that inspires himself and others. But, like I said, those aren’t what I want most out of life. So what are mine? Experiences, Positive Energy, and Creativity.

Experience to me is going new places, trying new things, meeting new people. Positive energy is being loved, and loving others, being the best version of myself I can be, and ever trying to develop patience, understanding, and being free of judgment. Creativity, I can never narrow down into a few words, to create, is beauty, is life, is love, is writing, is food, is learning, is teaching, is nature, is people… it’s everything.

So it’s not about where I want to be in five, or even ten years time. It’s about, how do I want to fill the days, months, and years of my life? No matter how they do get filled, I want them to be filled with buckets of happiness, health, and zero debts.


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