Eccentric Pt.2 

Here are my dads answers to my post “Eccentric” where my daily prompt was, “if you could ask your father one question what would it be?” Well I had three.

Q. As an eccentric artisan, how have you (continued to) develop your passion, without compromising, on things like quality, or the type of work that you do; even though you may have made more money doing something else with your talents?

A. Determination- not to lower standards. Knowing deep down, that even though we live in the “Ikea” world. There are still individuals who realize there is still old world craftsmen out there and they are prepared to pay whatever that costs. Then since they put that trust in me I feel obligated and determined to give them the best I can. There is also a great sense of accomplishment when individuals make comments of appreciation. i.e.; with a recent antique restoration that needed many small “patches” of veneer. When the client who did see the damage before upon examining it after restoration and installation said: “Wow I cant find any of the damaged spots.”

Or the client from 2000. Who just emailed me this week for a reinstall after a new home build said. “Given all of the “wow” and “I’ve never seen anything quite like this” comments from the movers who disassembled the table, I’d much rather have you put the table back together.”

That keeps you going.

Q. Do you feel successful? How do YOU define success?

A. Sometimes. When I do it’s because I’ve managed to keep doing what I want to. Maybe not always as fully as I would like but at least keeping the ball in the court. Then also, when you see your family is starting to see the impact my qualities have had on them. And they realize those qualities are of value.

Then I know I am successful . Thank you

Q.Is there anything you wish you could have done differently, looking back after 30+ years?

A. Hindsight is always 20/20. Life didn’t allow me to do it differently. So, I don’t like to look back and say I wish I had done this or that. But I look forward from where I am. With the insight, I have gained and look for and pray for life to dish out opportunities that will allow me to continue to do the thing I would like.

See some of his work at



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