January 18, 2017

Prompt: “This spring I will…”
This spring… I will NOT attempt to start another garden. I mean come on Katrina… you kill everything. Three years in Georgia and you still haven’t figured out that nothing grows here? (A negative poisonous environment may also be a factor…) You’ve tried… and failed, miserably. Nothing can grow in this heat, and the soil is dreadful. Stop wasting your time, and your money! Save yourself some stress, and a headache, just focus on supporting your local farmers at the market. They know what they’re doing, get your investments worth, maybe develop a relationship with the people who grow your food. No one said you HAD to grow your own food… I know you want to, but it doesn’t work.

Also, Get outside more, while it’s still cool, you know it jumps to 90* from May-Septemeber. Make the most of the weather before you’re stuck inside due to the humidity.

Document the change of the season… interpret that however you wish.

Use it as a time to embrace change and new beginnings. What new growth can you add to your life? Use nature as your guide.

Teach Caspian about the beauty of spring, and new growth, watch flowers bloom. Do not pick the flowers you find, but watch how they change throughout the season instead of wilting on the table.

Do start a new compost… invest in some red wigglers, they’ll do all the work.

Re-evaluate your minimalist closet and your spring/summer wardrobe. How much of your “off season” could be more annual? Keep it under 50.

Enjoy!… buy yourself your favorite flowers, paint a picture, read a book, brew some ice- peach tea, ride your bike.


What about you? What will you do this spring?


What are your thoughts?

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