Pigeon Hill Trail 

Hike 52 Challenge 2017- Week 2: Pigeon Hill Trail 

We had the most beautiful Sunday! A balmy 69* (20C) sunny and the slightest breeze. I definitely overestimated the number of layers I would need.

I had slept in after a not so nice night with the baby. Multiple feedings, crying and kicks to my back and stomach, not to mention I didn’t get much sleep the previous night either….; It was a nice way to spend a few hours out of the house.

Jule and I had previously done some of this trail in the summer without Caspian. I had forgotten what a steep incline there was, but that didn’t seem to phase Caspian one bit. As per, usual he was super excited and all over the place. He kept walking off the trail into the bush, all confident like he knew what he was doing and where he was going. We had gone out with the intention, of taking photos for a number of projects were working on, and Cas definitely took notice of this. He started posing, hugging trees, sitting down and smiling, and petting moss like we showed him the last time we were out talking about textures.

I wish we could have gone a bit further on the trail but both the boys were ready to go back. Going back is always the hardest part because Caspian is tired and starting to get fussy but, still want a to walk on his own and explore more. On the way back climbed over a massive tree limb, he picked up pine straw to take home as well as a number of Quartz pebbles he kept putting into his mouth. I don’t mind him putting them in his mouth if he would just stop trying to bite them. Ugh, my teeth hurt just thinking about it. His balance has gotten so much better and doesn’t fall as much, as long as he’s still kind of paying attention to what he’s doing. As exhausting as it is, I honestly wish we could go longer and further. I need to start planning better for when we go out, especially since I have the carrier, hammock, and straps now. I’m looking into getting a tent so we can drive out to some of the free sites close to us and spend the day. If anyone has some recommendations, that would be lovely.

I honestly admire families like “this little wandering” who spend almost every weekend it seems, living out of their car, hanging out outdoors. To be honest, they’re pretty much living my dream life, all the way down to the mint bus conversion. Someday…

Hope you enjoy some of our shots, happy trails!




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