East Kolb Farm Trail 

One thing I love about southern winters is you can still do things outside without be soaking cold frozen to the bone. Although I do miss my Canadian winters from time to time.

Julian had a half day and after the baby’s nap asked If we wanted to go for a walk or to the park so ‘we’  could take some pictures. ( really for him since he’s starting a new hobby/project, check it out on Instagram @Julian.Cebanos_Galvan)  We decided to check out a section of the kennesaw mountain trials that we haven’t hiked yet that was close to home. Although slightly brisk we headed out on Kolb Farm East trail. I’m debating on whether re-starting my hike 52 challenge or just continuing on, which would make this hike 6 or 7. Although, new year, new adventures right?

We were originally going every week, or while on holiday; but Jule got sick and it made going on regular hikes more difficult. Now that we’re back in good health it’s a good time to reset. Whatever the case, I’m excited to see where our adventures take us this year.

EAST KOLB FARM TRAIL – Kennesaw National Battlefield Park

Easy, low impact, family friendly, gravel and compacted soil. Horses and dogs allowed in trail.

We completed .6 mile of the trail, for a total hike of 1.2 miles total.


Happy Trail Blazing.



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