Wild Child 

This past year has been the most intense years of my life. I literally can not find words to define this indescribable journey we are on, and how this past year has been.

It has been so amazing to watch my little baby grow each and everyday, and I so gratefully thank god and my husband for allowing me this opportunity.

I don’t even know where to start summarizing, there have been so many special moments, so much growth, learning, development, discovery and struggles…. Oh the struggles.

I think the biggest highlight is a full year of breastfeeding, reaching this goal…. [excuse me while I bawl my eyes out…] it is the biggest accomplishment. It is the single most goal I have stuck with from start to finish without giving in. Through the painful weeks when my milk came in, soaking me all day and night, fighting to get a latch without drowning my newborn, the various dips my supply took, not being able to pump or let daddy bottle feed, waking up every 2-3 hours to feed at night, going through at least 10 nursing bras, loosing my cute perfect boobies that morphed these deflated balloons… It has been real.

But what can I say about my sweet wild baby… Wow!

DAY200FBefore he was born I knew he was so much like myself, and was going to give me a run for my money… Boy did I underestimate him! My son from the moment he was born has been so spirited, even trying to crawl at only a day old. He has been on the move since day one, and he just doesn’t stop. His curiosity for the world around him just makes me glow.

For those who don’t know me personally I’m in the utmost sense a crunchy mama, cloth diapers, babywearing, etc, etc. But, I’m also a big believer in gentle parenting and more importantly I’m a free range parent. (I also have a background in ECE which shapes the way I interact with my son.)

“Free-range parenting is the concept of raising children in the spirit of encouraging them to function independently in proper accordance of their age of development with a reasonable acceptance of realistic personal risks.”

Let me tell you my biggest challenge as a free range parent to a wild child… Inlaws. Yes, they have been a tremendous help with him over the past year, which I am grateful for… But, we have exact opposite parenting styles, not to mention a language barrier. They won’t even use my cloth diapers…. But I will not get into alł of that because I have washed my hands of it, and sent all that negative energy away… (You may email me if your going through something similar and I will offer my thoughts and support. Because I’m just that person.) Anywho, second biggest challenge is living in a un-baby-friendly home, two big shepards who are jealous, old dangerous furniture, Inlaws use chemicals, and all kinds of “no” areas.

Oh my god can we talk about “NO” real quick… Not in my sons vocab. Won’t listen to it, can’t say it, but will shake his head no. Everything else, is “yes”. Which has challenged me to get creative.

But man oh man is he so much like myself. Did I mention he was due on my birthday, but I had complications at the end so he was inducted three days early. We don’t personally believe in astrology but, I do believe God set up the laws of nature to which we are sensitive to… Gravity for example. Where I’m going with this is, we are both cancers. But without going through ever trait of a cancer let me tell you the ones my son and I are more strongly characterized by.

  1. Being ruled by the moon, causing moodiness and ever constant change in emotions.- personally I’ve always been sensitive to the moons phases as it controls the electrostatics of the earth, and I’m a woman so… I think a 28 day lunar cycle is self explanatory. My son is usually more fussy and feeds less in the days leading up to a full moon.
  2. Being sweet, shy and crazy. … For any who know us, self explanatory.
  3. Easily annoyed (sorry daddy)
  4. A child at heart, getting excited at the small things
  5. Empathic… My son will crawl up to you and lay his head on your chest (sometimes whimper) if you pretend cry when he hurts you.

Again, there’s many and I don’t want to get in too deep there. But being nearly identical in our emotions and personality  causes for some clashing… There’s a reason opposites attract. But, we love each other, no matter how much we p* each other off.

He has such a strong spirit and it’s not as easy to describe just how he is, I guess you’d just have to see or know him to understand. He tests both his any my own boundaries daily. He’s (for the most part) fearless, he’s a problem solver, he’s wild. I use to think I would need to protect my child from the world (still partially true..crazy a** people in this world) …but honestly, I don’t think the world knows what it’s got coming. My goal in life is to prepare my son for whatever adventures his future will possess. To live in fear is no way to live; there is still so much beauty and good in this world, if you just know where to look; and that’s the lesson I want my sons life to be guided by.

So be free oh child of mine, explore and continue to learn, and share with me the stories of your adventures.




What are your thoughts?

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