There is a change in the wind

The upper arrow (hat) means progress or moving forward; open delta means openness to change

For those who follow me I’m sure you’ve noticed a few changes on my profiles and in what I’ve been posting. The need for adventure, positivity and not being where I’m meant to be etc. We are planning for our future, for our sons future… And I’m not going to get into that until a bit later as we are still at the drafting board, but I am leaving little bread crumb clues for you. 

 What I do want to share though is some pretty cool news! Since I started blogging on a more regular schedule, my viewing and following has been increasing. This was noticed by a new up and coming blogging website They contacted me about joining their small team of freelance writers. They said they strongly admire my content on life, my writing and ability to engage readers. They want to help writers like me grow, and offer support while all my work will remain my own. I can write exclusively for them, or repost entries from my existing blog. What else is cool is they will be having their first annual convention in 2017 where their writers will have the ability to network and learn tips from people in the industry. This includes media, journalism, editors, authors and publishers! 

I’m very excited for this opportunity as it will help me fine tune my writing, as well as create a stronger network. When my husband asked if I was going to accept their offer, I told him this: “you never know who will see something I write and offer me another freelance position like this, or what doors and opportunities it will lead to.” I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be writing about since my personal blog is kind of random; but with some changes coming in our life, I do have a few ideas. I do welcome suggestions, so if you have some ideas or requests, email me at 

Additionally for those who follow me on Instagram @thegirlinthepearls to harmonize and accept these coming changes in my life, I will be changing my tag name on my 22nd birthday (June 27). It will have a similar title to my blog and hashtag “offbeatdreamer”, which I will announce on that day. 




2 comments on “There is a change in the wind

  1. Great!that is very cool. Much luck to you. I have written a few books but never took them to publishing due to finances. They are short stories and one is a book that’s halfway complete. I read it again and change things. Kinda like my own proofreader. Everything is a draft at least twice. Sounds like a very cool experience. Go for it! I wish you much success in all your future endeavors. Thanks for the follow. I have another site you may like. It’s jeanetteseasycreations its mostly a craft and recipe site. I’m new at this so I really am surprised at what I have accomplished. Can’t load stuff to my media library from iPad so keep posting stuff promising pics. Waiting on my son to do it on his comuter. 🙂 take care. God bless you.

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