Toddler Tshirt Pinafore 

I was trying to kill some time Sunday afternoon,and was going through my pin boards for some inspiration. I’ve been wanting to sew myself a pinafore apron for a while but I don’t want to waste fabric on trying to figure it out. So, I thought I’d make one in small scale for the baby using something out of the goodwill bag.

I’m only a beginner, and I have little patience. I also like to just screw around to try things out, I rarely measure when this happens.

With tshirt in hand I looked over the pattern and quickly decided how to get what I wanted out of it, with minimal sewing.

**disregard my messy work area

First off, I cut the arms behind the seams.


Then I cut away at the neck, but only the back, because I wanted to keep the front seam intact so I wouldn’t have to re-sew it later. I kept cutting straight down then into a ‘U’ shape about halfway.

After that, I disconnected the shoulder, cutting under the seam again. I also made a straight cut down the center of the back.

Next, I pinned the shoulders to the opposite side from where it had been cut. Sewed them straight, then cut off the access. There was a bit of the neck seam left out, so I sewed it down to have a cleaner neckline. I didn’t sew the arms or center cut, but I would suggest taking the extra 5 minutes to do so.


And thats pretty much it. A 30 minute project tops. Put on your little and enjoy.

I left it long and tied the extra behind him, so I can keep it as he grows, you can additionally cut to size and sew the bottom.

You could easily turn this into a romper as well by cutting two secondary lines on the bottom and sew them the other way to make leg holes, you can also not cut the middle down, and leave the back intact. ( if that makes any sense) So that’s 3 variations with just a tshirt.

I’d love to see your creations, send them to or tag me on Instagram @thegirlinthepearls.




What are your thoughts?

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