Adventures Hikes & Farmers Markets 

imageWe spent the most beautiful morning together as a family. Since we woke up a little early I asked hubs if he wanted to go hike the trail we had previously tried to check out. He was in so I threw some water bottles in the backpack pulled out my timberlands and threw on my cargo shorts and button down fleece.

It looked kind of dark and it felt like it was going to rain, but I figured we’ll go anyway and if it rains we’ll just figure something else out. Luckily by the time we set out on the trail the clouds started to break, the sun came out and the wind picked up, it was just beautiful. As we walked we talked about all the plants and trees and the different trails across the U.S. and of all the little adventures we want to have.

All along the trail were hoards of wild black raspberries, which despite protest from hubby, I forged a few for the baby and I. They were a bit tart, but there isn’t much better than wild berries, the true organics.

We also saw a beautiful doe on our way back, who walked along beside us through the thicket for a few minutes before darting behind us across the path.



Even though we were exhausted from the hike we made our way over to Marietta Square Farmers Market, and unfortunately tiny bubbles tea bar wasn’t open yet. 😦

There was such an amazing selection at the market this week. I grabbed some strawberries, a huge zucchini, an eggplant, a few little cucumbers, garlic and two loaves of fresh bread and I didn’t even spend $15. Shopping at the local market really makes me feel good, being outside, talking to the local farmers and business owners, supporting my local economy, just everything about it. I forgot my reusable bags which kinda made me sad though. We’ll have to go back again next week to stock up on some fruits while they’re in season, I just love farm fresh produce.

Till next time,




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