Garden 2016

 Been busy the past two weeks, sprouting, regrowing, potting … Love that I’m in a warmer zone and can start 2-3 months earlier than I use to. 
This year I’m going to container garden and maybe some hydroponics, as we are planning on moving. Our garden placement last year was less than stellar as the dead tree kept dropping branches on it all summer and being preg/having a nb made it too hard to care for. So container gardening is a much better option for us in just about every way you look at it.

This year I’m trying to keep it simple and only grow what we eat the most of, and what I can regrow from scraps. And since we are attempting to switch to organics, I’m growing a few of the dirty dozens like tomatoes and strawberries. 

So far we have: 

  • Garlic -sprouting/regrow
  • Onion – regrow
  • Tomato -seed -organic cert
  • Cilantro – seed
  • Rosemary – seed
  • Basil – seed – organic cert. 
  • Zucchini- sprouting – seed
  • String bean (bush not pole) – sprouting seed
  • Carrot – regrow

All are being grown in organic potting soil, and will get organic plant food, and will only be treated with natural based homemade, weed/pest killer. 

They’re all coming in wonderfully, and much quicker than anticipated.They stay in the warm kitchen all evening/night, and go on the porch all afternoon to get some sun, which they are LOVING! The garlic especially, is growing in leaps and bounds, about 2-3 inches a day! They take the longest to grow so it’s nice to see the progress they’re making.
More to come. Share with us your garden plans/set up for this year! 



What are your thoughts?

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