Lazy Mom Muffin Hack  

  I don’t know about you but I really hate having to scoop out batter into those stupid little liners and cups to make muffins. So the lazy part of me, came up with this no mess, no fuss solution. 
Simply you use a loaf pan. But I know your thinking, “but then it’s a loaf, and not cute little muffins, right?!” Well yes, but what you don’t realize is that you don’t slice it like you do your Banana bread. (This actually happened as a fluke, because I had misplaced my muffin tin, and it’s kind of my go to when I need to make muffins quickly for hubby, who usually then slices the loaf like bread.) But NO, you cube it. Now you have delicious, mess free, cute little muffin cubes, and no paper liner to get in your way when your toddler is fighting to take it from you. 

You’re welcome. From one lazy, busy mom to another. Xo
Love to hear your feedback, comment below. ❤


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