Create a Lifestyle YOU can live with


I was lost in Pinterest the other evening and stumbled upon this phrase on a picture. It really hit home for me, because honestly that was just the wording I was looking for to explain what I am trying to achieve. 

I’m a frugal person, so getting the best deal is important to me, and key to staying on budget. Trying to intergrade organics means my food budget needed adjusting, especially since that means there are fewer coupons to use. As I have mentioned before, going completely organic, while somewhat unnessecary, is also just not practical financially. So to make organic eating possible, we had to pick and choose what was most important, and what other types of foods we could cut, or avoid from our diet, like (soda) pop, various snacks and cereals, and even some produce. 

Another lifestyle change my hubby and I talked over was waste reduction. There was a video floating around about this environmental impact major’ (I think that’s what she was, I honestly forget the specifics) who basically reduced her waste by 100% she had all her “garbage” in a 12 oz jar. She spoke about how she reuses many things, recycles, composts, buys bulk or local markets, uses reusable containers and other various solutions. 

One thing that has really bothered me about the household I live in, is the amount of waste they create. Milk jugs, juice containers, cans, jars, glass bottles…all into the garbage, which are no doubt recyclable. So after I had seen this video, I put my foot down. I looked up where/how to locally recycle, turns out drop off is free. So, the next time they went to take out the kitchen trash, I took it and tore it open. I proceeded to take out and sort everything, right there in the kitchen. Paper, creamer container, beer cans, cooler bottles, cardboard… Sorted, what was left in the bottom of that garbage bag? 1egg shell and a paper napkin, both of which are compostable. Lesson 100% of what was put in the garbage was 98% recyclable and 2% compostable, 0% was actual “trash”. 

One of the more crazier ideas I’m currently entertaining since we are looking for our first family home; is creating a homestead. No more than 1-2 acres, as that’s probably all we (I) could handle. I’m mostly interested in addition to a garden and wild flower field is chickens and goats, for eggs, milk, cheese, maybe soap. From everything I’ve read it should only cost around $2500 for the year(even as organic-GMO). It’s not something I’m jumping right into though, because it’s a big commitment. I think we have decided that the first year is going to be research and set up and stockpiling. This includes …

Phase one: visiting various local farms to help with chores, learn about care and species, cost, benefits, and see if we can hack it out. 

Phase two: Find a homestead property and move 

Phase three: year one:stockpile any supplies that won’t go bad, or put money aside for feed. Design and build or save the materials for coop and enclosures

Phase four: add in the animals: mousing kitten, chickens in year two, goats in year three, later on I may see about adding in meat chicken, quail, duck or meat rabbit.

It may just be a pipe dream at this point, but, I really love the idea of self sustainability, and extra income from eggs, veggies and goat milk products wouldn’t hurt either πŸ˜‰.  But,even if we have to go a more urban route, chickens and veggies will be enough. 

I think what it boils down to is I don’t like what our current lifestyle has become, materialistic and connivence based. I want my son to grow up knowing what hard work is, to be handy and to want to serve others; not have everything handed to or done for him. My first goal in trying to change that is to embrace the quote from the depression era:  “use it up, wear it out, or go without”. 

It really is all about creating a lifestyle that you can live with. After all, it is your life, take control. 


What are your thoughts?

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