Going Organic: Intro

After doing a bit of research on both benefits, price, impact, etc. We decided on what things we would switch from conventional to, natural, organic, and non GMO. READ MORE HERE @ EWG.org FOR ADDITIONAL INFO.

I’m not trying to go completely and entirely organic, because it’s nearly impossible for one…Visiting others for meals, or going out would become stressful. Honestly, it’s also not completely necessary (Clean15) and the obvious factor, budget would be much tighter. I am however trying to get off animal milks, with the exception of butter, and ice cream here and there, although sorbet is a great alternative. 

There were several coupons this week for silk brand and So-delicious, so I bought a milk, creamer, and yogurt (no soy) to try. The vanilla flavored almond milk ended up being a lot better than I expected, and I used it in our morning dairy free smoothie, which meant baby could try some as well, he loved it! (Usually use whole or 2% and baby can’t have dairy- more on that later.) The yogurt I bought the So-delicious brand, because it’s made with coconut,not soy.(types of soy mimics hormones, not good especially for boys) one yogurt cup lasts baby 2-3 breakfasts. (Just started baby lead- again will post more on that later) 

The more important things we decided to switch, from convetional, to organic were: “the dirty dozen”, foods that are being increasingly GMO’d, foods which tend have more preservatives, dyes, hormones or synthetic ingredients. Our bodies are like a machine, and what you put in the ‘gas tank’ can make a big difference; And we only want the best for ourselves and our son.

So here is my list so far of things I have decided to buy organic or not at all. (The DirtyDozen rule)

365 products at Wholefood- wide variety of foods at reasonable cost


  • Baby/regular  carrots
  • tomatoes
  • Apples and apple sauce (Costco 24/$10)
  • Bananas (0.65/lb everywhere)
  • Lettuce / salad mix
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables (Aldi for small portions-Costco for bulk)
  • Potatoes
  • Dry beans ( Wholefoods bulk)
  • Spinach
  • Canned tomato sauce (cheapest at Costco 12pk/$7.99)

SNACKS – cookies, crackers, nuts etc.

  • Salsa
  • Chips (tortilla) NON GMO CORN
  • Popcorn – NON GMO
  • nut & fruit snack bars (cheap organic option at Aldi)
  • Fruit snacks & fruit leathers (cheap organic options at Aldi -24pk/$4)
  • Teddy ghrams snack (Adli& Costco have cheap options )
  • Rice cakes (cheap option at Aldi)
  • Frozen fruit bars (cheap 4-6pk option at Aldi)
  • Raisins ( bulk from Whole foods is said to be cheapest)
  • Chocolate (sustainability- Wholefoods per oz. prices works out to be cheaper then conventional chocolates)
  • Almonds, cashews, and other nuts.
  • Steel cut oats (Aldi $2.89)

DAIRY & Alternatives

  • Nut milks – cashew, almond, hazelnut, mixed. (NO SOY- often a GMO crop & bad for health)
  • Butter *STAPLE* (cheapest at Costco)

Condiments & Spices

  • Peanut butter & other Nut butters
  • Ketchup (really all tomato products)
  • Spices (bulk at Wholefoods for specialty – Costco for regularly used)
  • Avocado oil


  • Chicken – hormone free, free range, non GMO organically fed
  • Eggs (24 for $6 at Costco – cheapest anywhere)
  • Beef – hormone free, grass fed.  (Runs about 1.50 more per lb but sold in a 3pk @costco)


  • Chicken stock (Costco 6pk/11.69)
  • Pasta (may switch to gluten free, not sure yet) [Costco has a few options]

My hubby and I have come to an understanding that, healthy choices often mean a higher price tag, but we understand that the benefits, outweigh the cost. I don’t plan on doing a whole lot of shopping at Whole Foods, or as many,including my hubby like to call it, “WHOLE PAYCHEQUE”, because many other stores do sell organics at affordable prices.

  I am going to try to find and post the cheapest prices for the items above and things I buy the most of,to share and refer back to. I’ve managed to find some organic coupons, but they are harder to come by. Kroger does have lots of digital coupons for their live simply brand if you use their app. The most common printable coupon you’ll find is silk brand nut-milks. Shopping manager specials, rollbacks or damages at Walmart or Kroger;( sometimes Adli,) I’ve managed to score some 1/2 price organics. At Kroger I can find, cans of organic beans or other veggies for $0.60, regularly $1-1.50+. (Although bulk at Costco is often cheaper per can)

…more to come.


*Store Stock Pictures…coming soon.*







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