Meal Planning: how and week of Jan 22-28 


There are two quotes I keep in mind when it comes to feeding my family, “You are what you eat… So don’t be fast, easy, or cheap.” And, “Plan what you’ll eat, eat what you planned, and only what you’ve planned.” 

So here is how we, plan ahead and stay on track…

Thursday’s we take time to meal plan for the next week, or two. We look at: 

  1. what we have, including dry ingredients and fresh 
  2. what we need, often fresh items or things we use up regularly through the week like cheese.

I like use up as much of what we already have and save some money, especially since we’re living on a single income. It’s fairly easy for us to do, since it’s really just the two of us, (unless we make a “family meal” for us and my Inlaws.) Like most people we have our favorites but I try to add something new or different each week, including alternating our meats. I have a list of meals I let hubby choose from, because if it were up to him, we would be ordering in pizza for every meal. 
I also like to go through my saved food videos or food board on Pinterest to see if I’ve pinned anything I can make with out buying anything “extra”.

I write out 5-7 meals, then I plan which day by alternating the main dish or meat, and by my hubbys work schedule, since he works late on Tuesdays and Thursday’s.(I like to do bigger or more filling meals on those days, since we eat later.) I try to also do at least one meatless meal a week.

This is what we’re going to be eating.

Hubby week lunch: Turkey chili 

Monday: Crockpot (or stovetop) chicken n dumpling or biscuit – food video 

Tuesday: Spaghetti squash and salad 

Wednesday: Baked chicken Alfredo with penne noodles 

Thursday: meatloaf/ hamburger steaks, stuffing, vegetables 

Friday: Pizza noodle casserole 

Saturday: Spinach artichoke Pasta (can add chicken) 

Sunday: Chicken spinach feta sausage n’ roasted root vegetables. 

Grocery list: 


  • Organic tomato sauce (stocking up) 
  • Organic chicken broth (stocking up) 
  • Cheese -Colby Jack (staple) 


  • Organic bananas (for baby) 
  • Biscuits (pilsbury style) 
  • Zucchini 
  • Organic spinach (dirty dozen) 
  • Cauliflower (clean15) 
  • Cheese n’ breadstick snack
  • No pulp orange juice (cheapest around but good quality) 


  • Simple truth pepperoni (organic b/c pepperoni is riddled with preservatives and additives ) 
  • Almond/ coconut yogurt (for baby) 
  • Organic diced tomatoes (dirty dozen) 
  • Spaghetti squash (often on sale for 99c each) 
  • Eggplant ( also often on sale for 99c) 
  • Organic salad mix (often heavily farmed with pesticides or full of bacteria when from South America)

Walmart (a.k.a danger zone) 

  • Sweet tea
  • Welch mango (our fav- no high fructose corn syrup etc)
  • Other household extras 

Whole foods:

  • 365- rice crackers (me and baby) 
  • Anything previous stores didn’t have organic 

We are slowly trying to switch over from conventional to organic / Non GMO when it comes to certain foods including the dirty dozen, GMO Crops and our meats (super scared of GMO fed and hormones they’re putting in our meat). I’ll post a list later on, with location and prices as we try different organic/natural products. 

So there it is, our method, meal plan and grocery list for the upcoming week. What are you eating? I’d love some new ideas! Do you shop organic, what are your favorites? 





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