A Moment for Mom 

Getting a moment to yourself as a mom is rare, that’s why I have made it a priority to use baby’s first nap as “me” time. A fellow blogger Sweeter Side Mom did a post this am about choosing just two productive things to do; because one is too easy, and three may be to hard. Which is honestly a great way to look at your day. 

Creating a new routine for myself (and baby) has been an on going process since New Years. I use that first nap because it’s usually the only nap he goes down by himself, and I’m stressed out yet. During that hour I get dressed, even if it’s just switching from sweat pants to yoga pants, leggings or jeggings (best things EVER.) Then as my mom calls it “put on my face” which is usually a light neutral shadow, some eyeliner and tinted BB cream, when staying home. I’ll also usually have my mothers milk tea or a coffee if I had a rougher night. Doing these simple things has helped immensely, making me feel like a human again and a complete mombie. 
What do you do for yourself? Share with me.




What are your thoughts?

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