No Spend Week/Month

No spend week/ month  

Two big Reasons you should do one to: To save for a big purchases and pay off debts! 

Why are we doing no spend month? 

We are trying to buy a house, and although we have another family property we are selling off, there are many other costs involved like appraisals, inspections, and other various fees we need to be prepared for, and currently we are for the most part living on one income (with a bit of supplemental income from our business’) anywho…

We also have a ton of food that needs to be eaten up, because I was krazy couponing and well, now we have too much. In addition we are trying to switch to natural, organic, non gmo, products, so we have to use what we have first, waste not- want not, right?! 

This is going to be super hard for me since I spend most of my time looking at Pinterest and super cute things to buy or add to my shop. . Upside is I’m good at making budgets and sticking to them when it comes to bills, groceries and our savings fund. 

We are planning on doing a soft run trying it out for two weeks until we do our taxes; then doing a full month so we can save a bit extra for new appliances and hopefully a nice sectional. I also want to save some extra money to buy the things hubby and I have been wanting but have had to forego to buy things for our baby or our business. Being an adult… and parent can really blow sometimes. 

Have you ever done a no-spend week/month? What were you saving for? Were you successful or was it too hard? Share it with me. 

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