“haters” think before you talk

   They say, “haters gonna hate” and you know what, that’s what I hate. Why are we so quick to judge, and condem others? 

People complain that I post too much about this or that (namely breastfeeding and non/anti-vax related info) but you know what, I’m bring awareness. What one person is getting in a hot mess over, someone else is thanking or praising me for. Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean you need to complain or put down what I do. I am passionate about the things I have educated myself on, and I’m sorry if my passion and thirst for knowledge intimidates you. 

Reality is, we all do what we can, what we think is best. Maybe something changes how we originally viewed a topic, maybe it doesn’t, and you continue doing things the same; guess what, THATS OKAY! What’s not okay is to put someone down with out asking them a simple question, WHY?  Try it, they may have a reason you weren’t aware about ( like adverse vaccine reactions, or failing to continue breastfeeding their first or second but want to try again with their next child.) I have had people privately come to me and thank or praise me for the things I post because it’s inspired them to try, to do more, do better, or do more research on whatever topic. 

Just because you didn’t continue with what you thought you were going to do, isn’t a reason to put down someone who is continuing. Life is hard, and guess what, IM NOT A QUITTER. 

Don’t worry about the haters, they are just angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lies they live. Dr.Steve Maraboli 


What are your thoughts?

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